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At Secure Waste, what we do protects you.

Secure Waste Disposal is America's Southeast leader in medical waste disposal and document shredding. Our biomedical waste disposal service includes the hauling and treatment of biohazard waste. Our medical waste management services are flexible, compliant, convenient, and local so you can focus on the core of your business. We also offer a full service sharps disposal and replacement program. Furthermore, Secure Waste is HIPAA compliant to handle confidential document shredding and e-waste destruction where products such as computers, fax cartridges, and hard-drives containing sensitive information must be destroyed. We also offer product destruction to businesses that end up with unusable products, excess materials, damaged equipment, expired pharmaceuticals, outdated credit cards, and more. These items must be disposed of properly in order to prevent the resale or reuse by unauthorized sources. Here at Secure Waste sensitive materials are completely destroyed, not just thrown away.

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