Bio Waste Disposal in a Professional Manner

By: BJ Neller   /   April 17, 2015

When it comes to bio-medical waste disposal in the southeast United States, Secure Waste Disposal Inc. is the leading company that knows how to get the job done right so that you can concentrate on your business rather than how to get rid of your waste products. We work hard so that you can rest assured with Secure Waste Disposal; our reputation and work history has shown nothing but exemplary service for happy customers. Do you need a company to handle your confidential document shredding, destruction of e-waste, computers, hard-drives, office specialty parts, and unusable products? Secure Waste is HIPAA compliant! We would be happy to take care of that for you! Are you looking to get rid of unusable products or damaged equipment that may have delicate recoverable information or expired pharmaceuticals? Let us take that for you! We completely destroy any sensitive materials. We do all of this, of course, fully compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. Secure Waste specializes in bio waste disposal. The benefit of properly disposing biohazard waste is crucial. You will instantly decrease the threat of contaminants and disease, protecting your workplace from exposure. The federal government regulates proper tracking and disposal of 6 types of medical waste: human blood and products, used sharps (syringes, needles, and surgical blades), cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals, pathological waste, contaminated animal carcasses, and potentially infectious waste. Let Secure Disposal Waste take care of those for you. Need documents and notebooks shredded? Secure Disposal systems are designed for your every need. We will shred your documents cautiously and securely. Our personnel, trucks, and facilities are checked and protected at all times. Our document shredding service is available in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Have any old electronics and other E-waste products that you need destroyed? The information on old or broken computers should be properly discarded. Secure Waste will destroy these materials in accordance with all regulatory forms to avoid unsafe exposure in treatment operations. Destroy all of your electronic waste while protecting your confidential information and the environment. Also contact us for information regarding recycling programs. The waste an office is producing that could be recycled is astonishing. On average, a typical office generates about one pound of paper per employee and from that paper 77% of it is recyclable. Let us equip you with the information to protect the environment. Our dedicated team will make sure that your waste products are disposed of in a professional and effective manner. The website also offers an opportunity to order Biohazard waste carts, waste boxes, and reusables. We want to help you succeed! Call (800) 508-1010 to receive more information about the services we provide. Secure Waste Disposal Inc. looks forward to hearing from you!