Medical Waste Disposal and Much, Much More!

By: BJ Neller   /   May 18, 2015

My medical office needed a waste management company in Orlando for medical waste and bio waste disposal. I needed to find a trustworthy and responsible company to do business with. After researching on the Internet, I found Secure Waste Disposal. I called the phone number on the website, spoke to a friendly and professional representative, and was convinced in minutes that this was the right choice. Finding a biohazard waste company, more importantly a confidential waste disposal company, is a key element in my line of business. The hauling and treatment of biohazard waste (red bag waste) needs to be flexible, compliant, convenient, and local so that I can focus on my work. The full service sharps disposal and replacement program is great too. Be sure to check out the containers section of the website to order your waste containers. The services they offer are essential to any medical office. They simply have to be done. Why not get great service, reasonable prices, and a responsible company to take care of those needs for you? They are good at what they do. So I started out with the waste disposal but then saw that they provided an E-waste service as well. I did not know how to get rid of an old computer both legally and responsibly; I had Secure Waste Disposal take care of that for us too. Electronics recycling is another important aspect in the medical field because of the sensitive information that those computers and equipment contain. Patient information can still be obtained from these computers if they are simply thrown in the trash. I fully trust Secure Waste Disposal with my entire computer disposal needs. Finally, I signed the office up for the shredding service to save us time and money. I felt good knowing that the Secure Waste personnel, trucks, and facilities are audited, monitored, and secured all the time. They even disassemble the binders and different notebooks to be sure that all parts of are disposed of. Do you sit in your office for an extended period of time just shredding documents? Do you get stressed about it like I did? Internal workers should not be responsible for this in their busy days. So much more work could be done. Stop wasting your time with all that shredding and let them take care of it. Why go to another document shredding service in Orlando when Secure Waste is a one-stop shop? Needless to say, I am a fan. Every service they offer is so useful. They even have a Facebook and Twitter for their latest updates. No need to search any longer, Secure Waste Disposal does it all!