Don’t Let OSHA Get You

By: BJ Neller   /   July 2, 2015

For many people, medical waste disposal regulations are a nuisance. There are so many complicated OSHA rules about which bag what can go in. Does it go in the red bag, the biomedical bag, or the sharps container? Is it even considered bio hazardous waste? It’s true that complying with these guidelines can be confusing and frustrating, and the legal and financial ramifications of messing up can be devastating. But it’s important to understand why they’re there. For many people, the dangers of improper waste disposal are abstract and hypothetical. But the truth is, medical waste can and has done real harm to the environment and to human and animals lives. Infectious blood from a single landfill has poisoned soil for miles. Pathogens from infected waste have contaminated entire sources of drinking water. Syringes have even washed up on seashores. The rules may be complicated, but it’s important that we have them.   Secure Waste Disposal Inc. can make the process a little simpler. We provide all the services you need to ensure your company is safe. We provide all of the appropriate containers with shipping labels, we pickup, remove, and transport your waste, and we treat and dispose of it safely. With every step, we maintain comprehensive documentation for your records. Unfortunately, there are some biohazard waste disposal companies out there that aren’t fully compliant with federal and local regulations, and OSHA can fine you for their negligence. Secure Waste Disposal Inc. is always up to date on the ever-changing regulations. We even offer compliance training services to keep your employees on target.   In addition to bio hazardous waste, Secure Waste Disposal Inc. provides document shredding and disposal of e-waste. It’s important to properly handle electronic waste for two reasons. First, some electronic components may contain hazardous contaminates such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, and brominated flame retardant components. For this reason, we manage e-waste material with caution and according to EPA guidelines. But also, electronic waste can present security risks. Without proper protection, unauthorized sources can resell computer parts you’ve thrown away. Computer drives can be reopened to access private information, even if the drives are broken. In this way, criminals can access credit card numbers and private financial information. We can remove this risk with proper hard drive destruction and responsible, legitimate electronic shredding services. Our services always maintain full confidentiality, so you can be sure that your important information is always safe when discarded.   Whether you’re a medical business generating medical waste or you’re figuring out how to get rid of an old computer, find out the correct way at Secure Waste Disposal.