Secure Document Shredding – Protect Your Name

By: BJ Neller   /   March 15, 2016

     Most people don’t think much about the things they throw away. After all, by definition those things are trash. At Secure Waste Disposal Inc. we think a great deal about the things your business throws away. This is particularly true since there are individuals out there who are on the lookout for what others throw away. These people are identity, brand and logo thieves and corporate spies. Stories of identity thieves destroying the credit worthiness of individuals are popping up all over the media. shredding

     According to IBM, one billion personal records were leaked to thieves in 2014 alone. This shows how fraud impacts individuals but for businesses there is the equally alarming problem of corporate espionage. Corporate espionage is when a company steals confidential or valuable information to use against its competitors. It also involves brand and logo theft. Corporate spying is a real phenomenon and of genuine concern to companies trying to protect their profits and their reputation.

     At Secure Waste we realize how hard you’ve worked to establish that reputation and to build your company. We understand that the competitive edge you have over others in your industry came about due to this work and the intellectual capital of you and your employees. We know that some of the materials you wish to dispose of contain confidential information that competitors may wish to exploit. Ultimately, confidential waste disposal could be the difference between your protecting valuable trade secrets and your company becoming another headline like one that filled the newspapers back in 2001.

     Back then Procter & Gamble admitted to spying on its competitor hair-care giant Unilever. P&G’s strategy consisted of simply going through the trash of Unilever in search of documents it could exploit in an attempt to gain advantage over them. Eventually, P&G agreed not to use the information it had gained in this manner.

     This is only one example of how others can exploit your business. Documents that are not properly disposed are a huge liability to your company. That is why our personnel is audited, monitored and secured at all times. We guarantee that your company will receive superlative document shredding. We are also members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and are HIPAA compliant in the destruction of all PHI, or protected health information. Additional measures we take to secure your documents include adhering to stringent chain-of-custody processes and ensuring that that our employees are certified.

     Yes, we realize that as a business you probably think more about the things you dispose than most individuals. We are just as vigilant and just as committed to keeping your documents - electronic and otherwise – out of the wrong hands as you are.