Tips for Safe Computer Disposal

By: BJ Neller   /   May 9, 2016

computer disposalSo your company has finally moved on to faster more reliable computers and your employees are happy as proverbial clams. Productivity can improve, you have larger drives to work with plus you have a system that accommodates the newest software updates. All is well. Well, not quite. Now there is the problem of how to get rid of those old computers safely and responsibly with minimum adverse effects on the environment and your company. Here are some tips for saying goodbye to the old – in a sensible way – as you welcome in the new.

Inventory all equipment: Keep track of all equipment that has been marked for destruction.

Save important files: Back up all important files to secondary drive. Samsung, for example, makes a 16TB external hard drive (a massive amount of data) that costs between $5,000.00 and $7,000.00

Wipe all drives: Whether we use them at work or home, people are used to storing all kinds of sensitive information on their computers. It is simply the most convenient and practical way to store personal and business data. Consequently, passwords, credit card numbers and propriety business documents and other sensitive information are all vulnerable during a changeover from old to new computers systems. At Secure Waste Disposal, Inc., we specialize in e-waste disposal that can prevent this data from falling into the hands of the wrong person(s).

Properly dispose of hardware components: Proper computer disposal doesn’t just consist of making sure that digital data is deleted. Computer CRTs, for example, contain harmful elements that could damage the environment and people such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, or brominated flame retardant components. These are heavy metals that can leach into the environment if not properly handled. This is why it is best to consult with professionals like Secure Waste Disposal before getting rid of your old units.

Consider donating or recycling old computers: Goodwill as well as several other charitable organizations commonly accepts donations of used computers. These can be used for job training or they can be used in schools to educate students. Make sure you have wiped or removed the hard drive before donating your computer. Just as with paper products, computers can also be recycled. Consider this green/energy friendly alternative to complete destruction.

Finally, through the use of common sense measures to properly dispose of your old computer, you and your employees can rest easy that the information it contained will be eliminated. At Secure Waste Disposal, Inc., we make sure that this process is done efficiently, responsibly and thoroughly.