How to Handle Recalls and Product Destruction

By: BJ Neller   /   June 2, 2016

It’s what every company that produces any kind of product dreads.  It’s the kind of thing that keeps managers and CEO up at night worrying about once it has happened and it happens to many companies large and small.  The public relations nightmare referred to here are product recalls.  The problem is real and growing every day in America and around the world.  The challenge for companies facing recall is getting as far head of the crisis as possible.  Here are product destructionsome of the steps companies facing this challenge should take on the road to rebuilding their corporate name. 

  • Make a public statement:  Once the problem exist and a danger to the public is known do not wait to release a statement to the media.  The public and the media are much more likely to support a company that is proactive in dealing with the problem.
  • Get the product out of the hands of consumers:  This should happen the moment a crisis situation is known to have occurred. 
  • Communicate with distributors of the product:  This is vital for assessing the status of your recall efforts.  A breakdown in communications means that you are letting the story get out of hand.  
  • Have an effective recovery strategy:  Have the logistics ready to handle imminent returns that could mean thousands or perhaps even millions of units.
  • Dispose of the recalled product once it is has been returned to you:  At Secure Waste Disposal, Inc. we guarantee complete, safe product destruction for items that have been returned to your company due to a recall.
  • Streamline the restitution process:  Consumers will be more understanding to the plight of the company if they are compensated quickly and fairly.  Having an easy restitution process will help your company to avoid a public backlash against the company which can have long range financial consequences.

Just last month Suzuki recalled more than 75,000 units of the Baleno hatchback so that it could update the airbag controller software.  In February of this year, Mars Incorporated recalled chocolate from 55 different companies after plastic was found in a Snickers bar.  Product recalls are an unfortunate fact of life for businesses large and small.  The challenge is not in avoiding them.  The challenge is in knowing what to do once one has occurred.  At Secure Waste Disposal, Inc., we can help you with the critical phase of product destruction so that damage to your firm’s reputation can be mitigated and so that the public can be made safe.