Top Reasons to Shred Business Documents

By: BJ Neller   /   August 10, 2016

Document shredding? Yes, please.document shredding

Even though many businesses have long made the transition from the use of paper documents to the use of electronic data, paper documents can still be seen around many offices.  In fact, it is not uncommon for businesses to keep paper documents around such as employee pay stubs, copies of sales receipts, photo IDs, documents containing sensitive information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of employees, employment records, corporate report, etc.  Any one of these in the wrong hands can cause significant problems for businesses, the people they employ and their customers.  This is why every business should be careful when disposing of this sensitive information especially in this time when identify theft is one the rise.  But what are some of the other reasons to shred certain business documents?

It saves space - Stacks and stacks of old, unneeded piles of paper are unsightly, potentially hazardous and take up space in your workplace.  By disposing of discarded paperwork, you can make the workplace flow smoother and more efficiently and it will also make finding important documents easier. 

Document destruction complies with certain laws - As a business, it should be your top priority to protect your clients’ and your employees’ confidential information.  In fact, there are many laws that explicitly state that certain businesses must take reasonably efforts to dispose of such information.  As a business you may even be subject to severe liabilities if fail to comply with such laws. 

Reputation Management - No business owner spends the time, money and effort in building a name and reputation for his/her business only to have it made vulnerable by sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.  However, this is what you risks when you do not properly manage documents that can create a breach in your company’s security.  At Secure Waste Disposal, Inc., we handle document shredding in Orlando for businesses that have millions invested in their reputation.  This is why we take the task of handling their sensitive information seriously.

Prevents Identify theft - According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft was the number one consumer complaint in 2014.  A corporate example of such security breaches can be seen in the case of Anthem and Premera who, combined, had more than 91 million of their records compromised.  The best way to protect your employees is to shred documents such as voided checks, old pay stubs, time cards, health records, copies of photo IDs and social security card.

There are many pitfalls that await even the most cautious and conscientious business owners.  Businesses must be sure that their taxes and payroll are in order, that they have enough insurance coverage and that they have whole multitude of other issues straight in order to avoid headaches that cost the company time and money.  Improperly disposed of documents do not have to be one of those things that causes your company problems in the future.