Why You Should Take Waste Disposal Security Seriously

By: BJ Neller   /   October 17, 2016

While nearly all companies see the necessity of renting a dumpster in order to keep their waste material in one place, some fail to understand the importance of securing it. Hence, we have the phenomenon of “dumpster diving.” Sometimes individuals that engage in this activity are simply indigent and are looking for anything remotely valuable. At other times people who engage in this act have more sinister motives in mind for your company. Here are reasons why you, as someone who is concerned with confidential waste disposal, should put this issue high on your list of business priorities.


It prevents unauthorized dumping - Unfortunately, other business and homeowners alike often dispose of their waste items by dumping them into a company’s dumpsters. They do this in order to avoid paying waste management companies to remove items which can range from paper to toxic waste. Proper dumpster security thwarts illegal dumping.

It deters identity theft - According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there have been more than 490,000 reported cases of identity theft in the US alone this year. All businesses should carefully manage their confidential waste in order to prevent identity theft.


It reduces the presence of rodents and other pests: Locking your dumpster is a necessity in order to discourage infestation by animals such as raccoons, bears, coyotes, feral cats and/or rodents who are looking for a quick meal.

It prevents vandalism: In many cities companies are required by law to secure their dumpsters from vandals or indigent individuals as these kinds of activities may also subject owners to claims of liability.


Tips for Better Dumpster Security


The truth is that no one wants dumpster duty, yet it is vitally important that measures be taken to secure a company’s waste. Here are some steps you can take in order to secure your company’s dumpster.

Invest in a gravity lock: These locks force the dumpster closed which automatically engages the lock. This is a helpful device since it eliminates the problem of someone forgetting to lock the dumpster with a traditional bar lock.

Mark the area clearly: Mark the dumpster and areas around it with stickers and signs indicating that the dumpster is private and that there are penalties involved in illegal dumping. The effect is that at least some people will be discouraged and seek to dump their waste elsewhere.

Place a barrier around it: An opaque fence surrounding a dumpster will discourage intruders since this will prevent the dumpster from even being seen by the outside world.

Thus, even though it is not “sexy” to think of dumpster security, it is vitally important to do so especially where proprietary or potentially dangerous material may be present. Follow the above tips and you will avoid problems that can be damaging to your business, your employees and the general public.