Sharps, Biohazard and Vet Waste

By: BJ Neller   /   September 25, 2017

Disposal Guidelines OrlandoA veterinarian’s office often has lots of patients with various issues.  Many times both patient and patient parent are in a tizzy about everything that is going on.  It is unfortunately common to forget about medical waste and waste disposal guidelines necessary when dealing with animals.  Regardless – safety and efficacy must prevail at all costs.  Medical waste is hazardous waste after all. In addition to U.S. guidelines, many states have specific standards for medical waste and disposal.  Keeping staff up to date on any and all laws and rules is paramount to proper disposal. SHARPS There is no wiggle room for a definition of a sharp.  Regulations are very specific about what is and what isnot a sharp – this includes glass coverslips and slides.  There could be pathogens and bacteria in and on these that can affect people, so taking care to dispose of these properly is important. Syringes and needles together are a sharp.  A syringe by itself is not a sharp, but it does qualify as medical waste is there is a pathogen that the syringe came into contact with.  Regardless, state and federal law will be very clear about both, and those laws need to be followed strictly and with proper procedure. OTHERS Anything that requires special handling – pads, medical vials, IV bags, gloves, gowns, masks, etc. are all required to be disposed of properly.  Again, there are very specific guidelines. TISSUES Some tissue can be disposed of in regular trash provided it has come from regular, routine medical procedures.  Tissues with pathogens that can infect people should be treated as proper medical waste.  Entire carcasses may need special attention outside of standard medical waste disposal guidelines. This is more of an overview than anything, but we at Secure Waste have the tools, training and personnel to help keep medical and veterinarian waste disposed of and discarded according to the strict guidelines on the state and federal level.  Trust us to handle any and all medical waste for you with professionalism and promptness. For medical waste disposal at Orlando call Secure Waste Disposal today at (407) 850-1010. We follow strict disposal guidelines.