Waste – Ways to Prevent Corporate Espionage

By: BJ Neller   /   November 8, 2017

Most companies do battle with each other by competing harder, advertising smarter and creating a better product or service. However, some companies take short cuts in order to beat the competition. One short cut they take is called corporate espionage and it can be devastating to businesses that try to preempt the competition in honest ways. Put simply corporate espionage involves the illegal practice of investigating competitors to gain a business advantage. It can include stealing trade secrets such as proprietary products, formulas or business plans. As a company that handles confidential waste disposal, the subject of corporate spying is upper most in our minds. We know that our clients desire to maintain their advantage over the competitors in an honest way. We also know that there are civil and criminal liabilities for those companies that do not safe guard the secrecy of their client's information. Here are some tips for securing your company’s propriety information. -- Keep tabs on ‘visitors’: Be sure that you know and control who has access to your facility at all times. Specifically, have visitors wear badges, restrict their access to secure areas, have them sign a guest book upon entering your business, etc. By doing these things you will make your company's secret much more secure. -- Establish an effective security policy: Spell out in black and white your security policy and make sure that all employees know and follow these best practices. Make sure that these rules are designed to prohibit password sharing, bringing recording devices into work, etc. -- Conduct background checks: Establish procedures for screening out employment candidates who may potentially pose a security threat to your business. You may be about to hire an employee who could turn out to be a mole. -- Securely dispose of confidential data: You would be surprised at how effective practices such as dumpster diving can be for potential spies. Waste management in Orlando can be handled effectively by hiring the right company. Our company handles confidential paper and electronic waste disposal on a daily basis and is trusted by many companies. -- Lock ex-employees out of the grid: Whether you accept it or not, disgruntled ex-employees pose a greater risk to company security than satisfied current employees. Be sure to change passwords used by exiting employees, redirect their mail and to take back their badges and keys. Centuries ago corporate espionage was an accepted business practice in many parts of the world. However, today we know that it is an unacceptable practice that should be discouraged at all costs. We help you protect you and your client’s data so that the playing field is somewhat equal among honest businesses.