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Document Shredding

Document Shredding

Confidential document shredding seems pretty simple, feed paper into a noisy machine then send it off to be recycled. But what about those obsolete notebooks? Who takes them apart? Consider, too, what is being shredded and who is doing it. How can you be sure your sensitive documents are protected while they’re waiting to be shredded? Our systems are designed to handle your confidential document shredding needs economically and safely, freeing up your staff to perform their duties.

Secure Waste Disposal specializes in providing custom document shredding solutions that allow businesses to comply with legislation and ensure that the client, employee and confidential business information is kept secure at all times. Through our strict chain-of-custody processes, reliable on-time service, and certified employees, Secure Waste provides the most secure and efficient confidential information destruction service in the industry.

Here are some guidelines for you to consider about document shredding:

  • Stored records should be destroyed on a regular schedule.
  • Incidental business records discarded on a daily basis should be protected.
  • Recycling by itself is not the same as information destruction.
  • Most record-storage companies do not have the equipment to provide shredding services.
  • Internal personnel should not be responsible for destroying sensitive materials.

Remember, at Secure Waste we are setup to handle all of your paper-disposal and document shredding challenges. Our personnel, trucks, and facilities are audited, monitored, and secured at all times. We can disassemble notebooks and safely dispose of all the parts.

We take great care in securely collecting, transporting, and shredding confidential documents or paper waste. We work with you to set collection schedules that are convenient and reliable. We make certain that your paper waste is protected during every step of the process.

Secure Waste Disposal is a recognized member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and is HIPAA compliant in the destruction of all PHI, or protected health information.

Our document shredding services are available in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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