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Product Destruction

Items you can’t send to market that must be properly disposed of to prevent resale by unauthorized sources, or worse.

Items for Product Destrctuion services include:

  • Excess, faulty or damaged equipment
  • Expired and recalled goods
  • Manufacturer’s defects: All products, including toys, clothing and accessories; containers and packaging
  • Prototype samples
  • Pharmaceutical containers and supplies
  • Credit cards
  • Employee ID badges
  • Misprints
  • Overruns; damaged inventory
  • Refer to our E-waste page as well.

In addition to identity theft is the less obvious theft of poorly discarded merchandise. If not properly disposed of, your seconds, defects, prototypes and recalls can turn up in the resale market to compete against you. There are also image, logo, and brand thefts to consider. And pharmaceuticals – expired and hazardous goods must be thoroughly destroyed. Anything you make, from pharmaceuticals to handbags, is disposed of in full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. With Secure Waste, your items are destroyed, not just thrown away.

“With Secure Waste we have peace of mind. I would not sleep at night if I did not know our PHI was securely done away with.” -Medical Administrator

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